Requirement for my drawings

For most products the dimension is 1200x1200px

  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • Pet ID tags
  • KeyChain

For rings it is 5000x600px

Design Instructions:

Freeform Style Pendants

  • Recommended dimension are 1200x1200px
  • The base shape needs to be grey (#808080)
  • The engraved part needs to be black (#000000)
  • The part you want to be cut out needs to be white (#ffffff) or transparent (same for hollow cut-out style)

The design applies to Drawing Necklace (Freeform with hollow cut-out) and Drawing Necklace (Freeform), the only difference between the two is the latter one does not allow hollow cut-out.

Instruction - Hollow Cut Freeform Drawing Pendant


Drawing Pendants (Engraving)

 Drawing Pendant (Engraving)

Drawing Ring

Drawing Requirement for Ring

Download the ring template here